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Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!

2022 was baptism by fire. Our Meads were selling faster than we could make them and December was spent in a panic about market stock! We finished the year having sold out of Traditional, Gèola, Ebblight and Apple Cyser.

So January has been all about laying down new stock, bottling and getting ready for our first market in February. The good news is we will have Gèola (yes, our yule mead is coming back into stock just as the Christmas period is over, we do appreciate the irony) and Apple Cyser ready for Silchester Village Market on Saturday 4 February.

The Traditional will take a little more time - but we have doubled up on production and it should be ready for the March markets.

The Ebblight was a special edition and will not be coming back into stock. The very last 250ml bottle went to Mr Ebsworth, the 'lightweight' who inspired this mead by falling off the toilet after sampling our Fægerdrōm! We have a few remaining 50ml bottles in our miniature packs - but when they are gone, they are gone.

We are planning on introducing 3 new varieties this year - taste tests pending! The first is a red grape Pyment that is due to be sent out for tasting later this month... the other two... well, you will just have to watch this space...

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