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Got to love HMRC...

OK, so we have been quiet for a while... having suddenly realised that the HMRC licence we applied for on 1 July had not actually arrived!

As HMRC are really the last people a small business wants to upset, we have been focussed on trying to find out where the licence was. The process was supposed to take 28 days so everything should have been ready for our planned opening on 1 August.

It got quite complicated... you can phone but you cannot speak to the department... you can email but they don't appear to have an allocated case manager so emails are answered in turn and each time by someone different.

So we phoned, we emailed, we sent in the plans, they emailed back asking for the plans, we emailed back attaching the plans again... and so it went on.

All this to pay them the relevant duty... let's hope we don't have to apply for a rebate, that may well see us off!

Anyway, day 68 and the licence is finally in our hands!

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